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Company Finance Planning & Execution

Finance Planning

Many problems that arise in business can be avoided by first recognising five commonly-occurring blind spots.
The first of these is the concept of company finance planning. While finance planning may seem like an integral part of your business, if you aren’t executing it correctly, you are, at best, falling short of its potential and, at worst, completely wasting your time.
In our latest blog, we address this frequent blind spot, highlighting the reasons it can occur, the ways to overcome it and the long-term benefits it will produce.
Take a look now – we hope it helps to overcome some of your company’s financial blind spots.

Business Strategies for Effective Solutions

Business Strategies

Storytelling is one of the great life skills of human evolution. For millennia, we have used story to convey wisdom, teach lessons and advance knowledge.
Despite its prehistoric roots, storytelling is still a valuable skill in contemporary society, and even in business. When we convey our message in a more story-like manner, our audience, whether our staff or our clients, become more engaged, amused and connected, retaining the information better and building both confidence and loyalty in the brand.