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Using a Company Performance Scorecard – Discipline #4 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Company Performance

Compared to the other critical Management Disciplines we have discussed, monitoring a practical Company Performance Scorecard is a less known, and less implemented concept. This article focuses on the what, why, and how of creating and using a Company Performance Scorecard helps you to monitor, analyse, and control your finances for improved tax returns, better […]

Effective Management Meetings – Discipline #3 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Management Meeting

Management Meetings, like many of the fundamental business strategies, are often regarded as not particularly valuable. This article focuses on the strategies required to make an Effective Management Meeting the linchpin of your financial control. As a quick reminder, there are five core disciplines business leaders should ensure are well implemented and maintained for a […]

Your Business Accountability Chart – Discipline #2 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Business Accountability

Let me introduce you to the second discipline of better financial management: using a Business Accountability Chart. In our previous article, The Discipline of Company Financial Planning, we proposed the value of consistent planning, strengthening your team’s ability to understand, evaluate and manage your company’s finances. This was the first of the five vital disciplines […]

Practical Company Planning – Discipline #1 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Company Planning

Company Planning, like many fundamental business strategies, often gets a bad rap. Why? Because it is often done poorly, with even worse follow-through. This article focuses on a Practical Company Planning strategy you can easily implement. If you find it hard to gain financial stability in your business, you’re not alone.  One common reason for such […]

How To Maintain Employee Accountability & Managing Staff Focus

Business Accountability

As business leaders it is natural to want our employees to maintain a clear focus on company direction and their priorities. However, we know we too struggle to maintain focus and discipline even though it is our company and responsibility. This is why many business leaders call upon their CFO’s (internal or virtual) to develop and maintain effective company scorecards to retain focus and staff motivation.

Do You Substitute Low Profitability for Low Expectations?

Strategic Planning

Does a lack of strategic planning cause you to set low expectations for your business as a way of combating the feeling of not having control over profitability? Said another way, has business driven you into desiring only small goals – or maybe not wanting to set goals at all? There is some simple and […]

What Is the “Canary in the Coal Mine” of Your Business?

Management Meeting

What do you think is the fastest way to determine the health of your company’s finances? This financial management coaching article will help you identify the “canary” for businesses with 5-50 employees. Although every business is distinctly unique, there is one activity that consistently demonstrates the overall health of an organisation. The quality of the […]

4 steps that will give you more control over your company’s revenue and profitability

A Ceos Playbook For Effective Expense Management And Beyond

Are You Setting Low Expectations for Your Business as a Way of Combatting the Feeling of Not Having Control Over Profitability? Said another way, has business beat you down into desiring only small goals – or maybe not wanting to set goals at all? There are some simple and practical strategies that can help you […]

A CEO’s Playbook for Effective Expense Management and Beyond

A Ceos Playbook For Effective Expense Management And Beyond

As a leader of a small business, you can get bogged down managing expenses. But if you ensure sound financial processes, it will save you time and help provide a framework for you running a successful business. These 3 practical strategies will free you up to focus on what most business leaders do best – drive revenue […]

3 Reasons Why Life May Be Being Sucked Out of Your Management Meetings

Be honest, how excited are you to join your weekly management meeting? If you are feeling that way you are likely not alone. Here are three common reasons why meetings can be less than invigorating: A Boring Future – if your company plans are not hitched to a compelling future for the team it is […]