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Business Strategies

Today we focus on the fourth of five business strategies great problem-solvers use to break through their challenges. As a quick reminder from the previous articles on this topic, here are the five mutually reinforcing problem solving strategies common in successful problem-solving strategies:

  1. Don’t accept the first description of a problem as the actual core issue
  2. Be curious about every dynamic of an issue
  3. Maintain an empathetic view of the world, to see through multiple lenses
  4. Ensure an agreed upon definition of the issue is reached before any discussions on potential solution strategies
  5. Use story telling to generate a compelling call to action.

Strategy #5: The Use of Storytelling for Business Strategies

Psychologists and communication experts have told us for years that our brains process information best in the form of stories. Likely this is due to evolution and how we have evolved as a species over millions of years. Be this as it may, I have little authority on storytelling and even less direct skills at performing this valuable combination of art and science.

We all have weaknesses in our arsenal of business attributes and this is my Achilles heal, as much as I would love to have developed it over the years. My lack is prowess in this area is not due to lack of knowledge or for want of trying. That is why, even though I am not an effective storyteller, I’m am comfortable commenting on the strategy and providing some guidance on where to go next if you are curious about the topic.  

One of my favourite focuses on the use of storytelling is when a company utlises it to tell its own story to their marketplace. One author I find particularly helpful on this front is Donald Miller with his book Building a Story Brand.  He succinctly describes both why and how a company should present itself through the structure of a story.  

Although the entire book is worth reading and implementing into your own unique business, the key insight is that that your company is not the main actor in your company’s story – the customer or client is. Using this lens changes how a company approaches promoting itself in a profound way. I hope you enjoy the journey this book and insight sets you on. You can find the book here and numerous other locations.

As for your own storytelling skills, there are countless books and courses on how to become a better storyteller. However, the real challenge is putting in the time and energy to actually become a better storyteller. Although I have failed to date to find the discipline to do so, I hope you will because everyone will benefit from your development.

This completes the five strategies for effective problem-solving.

Business strategies come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Experimenting with new strategies, especially these five tried-and-tested methods, can completely alter the perspective of your business, building greater efficiency, increased productivity and superior work flow and communication. As with anything new, they may take a little while to implement, but trust us, we have seen these business strategies lead to success time and time again. We are always here to help, so feel free to contact us with your questions on business strategies. And don’t forget, you can always refer back to our previous blogs using the links below:

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We hope you have identified some opportunities for you to further develop your problem-solving skills.  We always appreciate your feedback on strategies that you find helpful. We hope to hear from you sometime soon. Until best of luck on your journey.

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