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If you are looking for a Sunshine Coast bookkeeper, payroll specialist or accurate management reports to help you gain control over your business finances – BFC is your local team.

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Introducing Better Financial Control

For Less Than You Are Spending Now, We Help Business Leaders Get Control Over Cash Flow, Profitability and Business Performance. We provide better financial control over your business with our qualified and experienced team and that allows you to work on your business rather than in it.

We are here to support your growth!

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As a business leader, which of these frustrations are holding you and your company back?

  • Feel like you’re stuck due to not having enough clarity on how much money you are actually making?
  • Do you struggle to make strategic business decisions because you are not clear enough on cashflow and costs?
  • Frustrated with not having productive enough management meetings?

Having the right company performance information available in management meetings creates greater amounts accountability and higher levels of clarity.

Or maybe, you know there is a way to grow your business but you are getting bogged down in the execution steps. Like most leaders, you are looking to find a better way to break through and grow your business without putting your company in financial risk.

Many successful business leaders have had similar problems.

So, we’ve developed a Financial Management Clarity Session to answer your questions and help you improve how well the financial management activities are handled and areas to decrease costs – like with tax and compliance bills.

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The BFC Management Team

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Evan Gilbert – ca gaicd b.bus – Evan is a proven entrepreneur, chartered accountant and CFO.  He co-founded an office technology company and grew it over the span of eight years from 0 to 100+ employees which he successfully exited in a sale to Flexi Group.  Evan had roles in that venture ranging from Managing Director to Chief Financial Officer and CEO. 

Many accountants say they can provide business advisory services but Evan has found if you have not directly started, grown, acquired and sold businesses that advisory guidance is often too theoretical and focused on backward looking financial numbers to really help business leaders.   

Evan’s key role at BFC is to ensure the financial management of companies is as cost effective as possible and provides the business leaders the information they require to best direct their companies through changing times. 

Sue Gilbert

Susan Gilbert –  Sue has twenty plus years of success growing teams and creating a great team culture.  When she is not generating highly effective teams she enjoys everything involved in developing a company’s brand.   

Sue worked in partnership with Evan in growing their office technology company and brings with her the same level of direct experience in growing revenues and evolving company strategy to meet evolving demands. 

Sue’s key role at BFC is to create a ‘growth mindset’ culture and maintain the company’s core values as the team grows. 

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Mike Urness – Over the past 30 years Mike has had a single core focus – help business leaders more efficiently and effectively grow their businesses.  He has identified and developed many different strategies for achieving this consistent goal ranging from skills based training to technology platforms. 

Mike has had two businesses sell to Fortune 100 companies in the US and has directly performed virtually every activity a business leader could engage in ranging from raising capital, acquiring / selling businesses, implementing enterprise level strategic partnerships, managing through bankruptcy, etc. 

Mike’s key role is to work with business leaders to identify a better way to manage the financial aspect of their business at a lower price point than the leader is spending now. 

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Better Financial Control

What We provide

Better Financial Control is your go to consultant to help you better understand your finances and how you can leverage your position for growth. We can help you with everything from the basics of Bookkeeping through to providing you with in-depth reporting and analysis.

During this no obligation session we will help you visualise your financial position so you can better understand your business position. In 60 minutes we will provide you with a Visual model that will allow you to identify the most important financial issues your business struggles with.

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To find solutions we need to start by analysing the holes in the current system. Providing you with insights and solutions on how you can improve your business. The goal of this is to identify smart solutiuons for you as a business leader with the goal of working on the business, not just in it.

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We bridge the gap between business owners/leaders and financial control over their company. We are able to provide ongoing support in a number of ways; from regular accounting & bookkeeping services through to management level analysis and boardroom CFO support.

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