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Using a Company Performance Scorecard – Discipline #4 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Company Performance

Compared to the other critical Management Disciplines we have discussed, monitoring a practical Company Performance Scorecard is a less known, and less implemented concept. This article focuses on the what, why, and how of creating and using a Company Performance Scorecard helps you to monitor, analyse, and control your finances for improved tax returns, better […]

Effective Management Meetings – Discipline #3 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Management Meeting

Management Meetings, like many of the fundamental business strategies, are often regarded as not particularly valuable. This article focuses on the strategies required to make an Effective Management Meeting the linchpin of your financial control. As a quick reminder, there are five core disciplines business leaders should ensure are well implemented and maintained for a […]

Your Business Accountability Chart – Discipline #2 for Managing Your Company Finances 

Business Accountability

Let me introduce you to the second discipline of better financial management: using a Business Accountability Chart. In our previous article, The Discipline of Company Financial Planning, we proposed the value of consistent planning, strengthening your team’s ability to understand, evaluate and manage your company’s finances. This was the first of the five vital disciplines […]