3 Reasons Why Life May Be Being Sucked Out of Your Management Meetings

Be honest, how excited are you to join your weekly management meeting? If you are feeling that way you are likely not alone. Here are three common reasons why meetings can be less than invigorating:

  1. A Boring Future – if your company plans are not hitched to a compelling future for the team it is hard not to focus on Humpday as a sense of hope for reaching the weekend over where the company is going. Great companies work hard to identify and maintain a compelling vision. If your vision is collecting dust, or can no longer be found, it may help to revisit the concept for a reboot.As importantly, your reboot needs to include keeping the vision alive through ongoing communication and updates on the vision and goals. We push our companies to review in detail their vision, core values, 3-5 year goals, and one year goals each quarter. We find the discipline of breaking down annual goals into quarterly rocks that include clear definitions for completion and clear ownership also essential. Without this level of visibility and activity, we rarely find companies keeping their management meetings focused on current performance and proactively addressing issues in order to resolve them before becoming significant problems.
  1. Unclear Performance Feedback – another killer of management energy and focus is not having a solid company scorecard that calls out each departments key performance numbers. Tight companies can review the entire company’s performance in five minutes or less. This means they put in some early hard yards identifying what those key indicators are for each of the departments. Some departments are easy like sales, while others can require more creativity, like operations. Regardless, there are always ways to objectively determine whether a department is performing at the level they should.
  2. Poor Follow Through on Previous Agreements – nothing can suck the energy out of good people like not having agreements followed through on. Great companies are religious about tracking what was agreed to, whether it is  resolutions or tasks to be completed by someone. They then follow up on this tracked information to ensure the people who said they were going to do something, actually did it. This can have many terms like ‘execution management’ but the outcome is always the same.  Team members feel accountable to do what they say they are going to do and find pleasure in following through as expected.

Great weekly meetings are the foundation for highly effective teams and companies. To have great meetings requires a compelling future, a way to know whether you are on track or not, and the integrity of team members to do what they say. They are all connected, by improving one you can notice improving other areas as well. Improving all three will certainly have a major impact on the company and each of the individual team members.

As always, we hope these ideas provide you some ideas or inspiration to improve some aspect of your work experience. Enjoy the process and always feel free to ask us for any tips along the way. We help companies improve their performance by using clear and well proven business strategies like ‘effective meeting management’ on a regular basis. Thus we are likely to have some examples and ideas that can shorten your learning curve for what you are wanting to accomplish. Get in touch today!

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